Xenia ® is the pear that has it all.

Delicious and easy to eat.

The Xenia ® pear is a cross between the Triomphe de Vienne and the Krier varieties. It special features include its fresh (and refreshing) taste and its firm bite. Initially, the pear is as green and crunchy as an apple but the more it ripens the more it turns yellow, whilst slowly turning a little softer too. An important selling point: you can eat it easily from your hand because although juicy, this tasty pear doesn’t ooze or leak its juice.

A healthy, nutritious and substantial snack

When it comes to healthy and nutritious snacks, our hero can take on the whole fruit bowl and win, because it is full of important nutrients such as fibre, vitamins and minerals. But that’s not all, because the Xenia ® pear also gives its eaters a satisfied feeling that can provide a little relief if overweight. So it’s an ideal snack if you’re feeling peckish and want a tasty snack at any time from early morning to late evening.

Local and sustainable, with long availability.

Because the Xenia ® pear is a hardy pear variety, our hero is easy to grow sustainably and organically. It also has a long shelf-life and is sold from October to the end of June. Since it is grown not only in the Netherlands but also in France, Germany, Austria and elsewhere, the Xenia ® pear is a real local hero for a large part of Europe.

Is the Xenia ® pear on your shelves yet? If not then just get in touch and we will be quick to help you further.